The Imhotep Labyrinth

A visionary game - not just for the blind

The runes sign for Imhotep
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Photoshop-drawing of the board with 64 game stones, 4 pawns, the die and 36 cards.

Description of the game


The Imhotep Labyrinth is a board game produced in high quality materials. It consists of a playing field with depressions for 64 game stones, 4 game figures (pawns) that are able to stand on the game stones, a specially designed die and 36 playing cards. Furthermore, the rules of the game are printed in Braille as well as normal print.

A short description of how the game is played


The Imhotep Labyrinth is a strategic board game for 2-4 players. It can be played in 3 versions with varying degrees of difficulty. In the easiest version, it takes about 10 minutes to comprehend the rules and the following game lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. Once players have had some practice, then the most difficult version of the game can be played in approximately 45-60 minutes.

Drawing of the 4 pawns (round, square, triangular and star-shaped) and a game stone with direction arrow (shown as depression).
Drawing of the special die with the symbol markings for up, down, left, right, circle and rhombus.

This video shows an animated example of the game being played, the progress of the game being described by the text shown
under the video.

The progress of the game (example)


Imhoteps labyrinth can be played in various versions. This is the easiest.


Up to 4 players can participate.


Each player has their own playing figure; either round, square, triangular or star-shaped.


The playing field is a pyramid-shaped board divided into 64 squares, wherby the base row consists of 15 squares rising upwards in 8 tiers to the top of the pyramid which consist of 1 square. In each of the 64 squares is a square block with an arrow imprinted on it which points either up, down, left or right. These blocks are placed into the squares in any random order and can be turned during the course of play.


In this simple version of the game, a die is used showing the directions of either up, down left or right. The die decides in which direction each player has to move his playing figure.


Play begins with each player placing their playing figure onto a random block on the base row of the pyramid.


A move begins with a player turning one of the blocks in a chosen direction.

Then the player throws the die and moves his playing figure one block in the direction shown on the die.


The player follows the direction of the arrow shown on the reached block – in continuation of the move -  until a block is reached showing a different direction.


The move ends and it is the next players turn.


If a player encounters another playing figure during a move, the figure is jumped over and the move continues in the original direction.


If a player reaches the edge of the playing field during a move, the move ends. The playing field cannot be exited.


The first player to reach the top of the pyramid has won the game.