The runes sign for Imhotep
The Imhotep Labyrinth

A visionary game - not just for the blind

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Photograph of the creator of the game, Johannes Schroder and his business associate Jan Jorgensen at the “Danish Association of the Blind"

The guys behind this project


Johannes W Schröder, of course is the most valued member of this launch. He has joined up with his long-term business partner Jan Jorgensen for this project as their individual competencies supplement each other very well and it was a natural choice for Johannes to get Jan on board.


They both enjoy helping people who do not generally receive a great deal of attention from the public eye or media outlets. Changing this focus is one of the driving forces behind the work with this launch.


Johannes and Jan build on each other’s strengths. They both have a heart for helping people in need. This is second nature to them, both as individuals and as business partners.